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On paper, Wizdom, appears to be one of the most unique, ambitious sci-fi television shows in recent memory. Thieves will push themselves harder than ever before to survive heists, home cooked drugs allow users to perform the impossible, and motorcycles can go faster than the speed of light. Wizdom is to be executive produced by Alex Pissios. 

Alex Pissios is the former CEO of Cinespace, an international film studio that has helped produce quite a few Hollywood blockbusters. Cinespace’s Chicago building has helped produced products such as Empire, Chicago PD, and Chicago Fire. The company brought thousands of jobs to the Chicago area and continues to expand to this day. 

About Wizdom

The new television show produced by Alex Pissios follows the lives of two professional thieves. The thieves, Eos and Vayle, live in a community ran by a biotech corporation. They make use of advanced bionic enhancements and other future-tech to commit their robberies. The show blends the good and bad, displaying how heroes don’t always have to be the authority figure. 

Co-creator Ashton Swinford calls the protagonist of the show adrenaline junkies, arrogant, and bold; however, a glimpse of their future causes them to do what’s right. 

The cast of the show is almost entirely made up of Chicago natives. 

Under the leadership of Alex Pissios and Ashton Swinford, Wizdom is sure to be one of the biggest hit television shows in recent years.