Team Six Thirty

Time for the Headlines

Dechert has created a national network across 24 locations with a single emphasis – providing the highest-quality guidance that is applicable, commercialized and distributed effectively. CEO Henry N. Nassau elaborates on the virtues of the Dechert white collar law firm. Our clients work in extremely difficult times: geopolitical instability, the overwhelming volatility of modern economies and an unstable regulatory climate add to a proliferation of economic and regulatory threats. To overcome these challenges, Dechert offers advanced legal counsel, grounded in deep business awareness, in an agile and insightful way.


They have several of the world’s best attorneys giving counsel on international and domestic issues. The firm is often engaged to work on the most complex deals and lawsuits, and prides itself on its ability to offer premium white collar legal services and good corporate decisions to its customers. Lawyers in all of their branches and in all the Dechert law firm´s practice groups impact the world daily by committing their skills to delivering services at little to no cost. Dechert has an established record of success in white collar cases as well. Dechert lawyers carry to their assignments a premium on consistency, responsiveness and value for money. They are guided by one central principle: excellent customer support.


Their customers include companies, monetary institutions, absolute states, semi-sovereign bodies and non-public and high value people all over the planet. Dechert takes on work with 40 of the “Fortune 100” corporations, which represents more than 200 exclusive equity and venture firms in any way. They also advise 24 of the best 25 worldwide wealth management companies, and 41 of the elite 50 private debt firms in the world. The Dechert firm has a well-established history of offering pro bono legal assistance to individuals and organisations that cannot otherwise access legal advice. The company recently hosted its yearly Pro Bono Awards and Recognition observance, where two teams and three individuals were recognized with the 2020 Samuel Klein Award for Pro Bono work.