Team Six Thirty

Time for the Headlines

Being an entrepreneur in the fitness industry is a very special breed. From the very first workout, a client begins to feel stronger and healthier. With the right products, trainers and a new wave of commercialization, the fitness business has reached unprecedented growth. Edgard Corona: The American Psychological Association estimates that 15 million people take a daily workout, making it the second most popular form of exercise in the United States, after walking. According to one estimate, 20 percent of people in the United States are taking at least one workout a week.

Bio Ritmo

Bio Ritmo is the new platform for the future of the fitness industry. Edgard Corona: mission is to encourage active lifestyles, enabling anyone to live a healthier and a more active life. Through our mobile app, users can manage their health and fitness and schedule workouts, train with a personal trainer, and track their progress.

Users can also receive personalized training by our expert coaches. With the platform, a healthier lifestyle is accessible to all, no matter what stage of life you’re in, thanks to our purpose-driven products, amazing coaches, and awesome content!

The gym IPO

In 2017, SmartFit sold 50 million shares (20% of the capital) to Albright Capital Management for $102 million. In June 2018, Smart Fit announced the completion of the IPO process that led to the raising of $240 million of equity capital. This process allowed the company to promote a new business line: the virtual gym.

Edgard Corona: Smart Fit has acquired majority shares in Ecopty, the leading provider of digital solutions in Latin America, and 80% of the shares in GoFit, the leader in Latin America. With these acquisitions, Smart Fit introduced the first virtual gym in the market, together with the launch of Smart Social, a platform that enables employees to have a work-out at any time and supports new fitness products such as the Fit Pass Card and Fit Training Center.

Success on Wall Street

In 2012, the SmartFit group decided to join and invest in Stock Market. In 2013, Smart Fit opened its first studio in Chile. Three years later, it had opened 50 units in Chile, Colombia, and the United States, and by December 2017, it had more than 700 locations, a success that was finally recognized by the New York Stock Exchange.