Career history

Husain Sajwani; a tenacious businessman and the Damac owner, excelled in Dubai’s fluid real estate market. Hussain began his entrepreneurship career in the food and catering business in 1980. His primary source of value for his business was the demand for food created by employees working in Abu Dhabi. His business breakthrough, however, came in the form of a blessing in disguise- the gulf war. American soldiers participating in the war proved to be vital customers to Sajwani’s catering business.


After a few years in the catering business, Sajwani’s hunger for success would catapult him into the real estate business. In his first years as a real estate businessman, he focused on developing common hotels. This idea fruitfully blossomed into the great DAMAC group that we all know today. It is believed that Hussain Sajwani’s real estate business grew exponentially due to his ability to take advantage of a six real boom in the real estate sector in the country at that time.


Husain Sajwani and Donald Trump

After Sajwani spectacularly transformed himself from a low-level caterer to a real estate mogul, he switched his attention to networking. Being the smart entrepreneur he was, he understood the value of networking in business. It is through his networking efforts that he met the current president of the united states, Donald Trump. Trump collaborated with Sajwani in building a golf club that later came to be known as the Trump International Golf Club. The Trump International golf club houses villas whose accrued revenue is currently more than 2 billion dollars.


About DAMAC Group

DAMAC group;initially owned by Hussain Sajwani family currently deals with the development of properties in Dubai. In 2013, the company developed a residential property popularly known as Akoya Oxygen. The venture was a success since it led to the construction of over 51000 units. Also, the company has spectacularly, built over 16,800 homes. It also boasts a rich portfolio of 44000 units of these homes, all at different stages of completion. It is this immense success in the real estate sector that has seen DAMAC develop an array of subsidiaries in various regions.


Philanthropic activities

DAMAC group prides itself on its participation in humanitarian activities. For instance, the group’s chair donated over 2 million dollars to facilitate a campaign to dress over a million kids.