Walmart Beneful Dry Dog Food

Walmart stores carry a wide variety of Beneful dog food. The Walmart price match offer provides peace of mind that you are buying your dogs favorite dog food at the best price available. In addition to price match and roll backs, Walmart accepts manufacturers coupons. Walmart features the 15.5 pound bag of chicken flavored dry healthy weight kibble at a cost effective $13.98. Beneful Originals 15.5 pound bag of beef flavored dry dog food also retails for $13.98 at Walmart. For those who need larger sized bags for large breed or multi dog homes, Walmart offers the 40 pound sized bags of Beneful Originals for $33.98 and the 31.1 pound bag of originals for $25.49. Whatever type of Beneful your dog enjoys, you will easily be able to find the appropriate size and best price at Walmart and learn more about Beneful.

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