Jorge Moll, Remarkable Contribution in the Brazilian Health Management

Brazilian economy faced instability that affected the business sector. Majority of investors in the health sector abandoned the industry and joined SUS. However, this challenge did not stop Jorge Moll from pursuing his dream in the Health Management.


The passionate physician came in to offer more support in the health sector. Molly provided Total Management Support to the public ( The model is designed to provide health services at subsidized cost and without wastage. Through the support of Jorge, the health providers in the facilities offered support. They also managed to offer care to individuals in need of medical services.


It was through the hospital management plan that the investor managed to offer efficiency and quality services to the needy. He confirmed to both the medical services providers and receivers that the facilities at the local and global level were accredited. His passion in the sector led to the formation of hospital management networks.


Jorge, the researcher who has reformed the Brazilian cardiology is the founder of the second section of the Health Trends and Impacts of Hospital Management. He makes sure that patients receive services without discrimination, despite the economic challenges in the country. Moll commits to training caregivers on hospital management processes and procedures.


Jorge Moll, the Rede D’OR Sao Luiz board chair of directors, formed Health Trends and Impacts of Hospital Management. The network manages 32 hospitals in the state. It expanded to a pool of hospitals from just a research center. Jorge is now the founder of the leading hospital network in Brazil. The growth led to the formation of Quinta D’Or, Copa D’Or, Barra D’Or which are other health organizations in the nation. The investor commits to nurture his hospital management vision despite the challenges faced in the sector.


The first individual to discover neuroscientist is the president of D’Or Institute for Research and Education. In one of his studies, he compares the relationship between individual health and volunteering. As reported there is a high connection between the willingness to assist others and well-being. Datafolha’s study in 2015, confirmed those who engaged in volunteering activities in Brazil were 28% of the population and had a positive life. However, the rest recorded to be less educated, low-income earners and young. Researchers have reported that assisting others minimizes dangers of several sicknesses and improves longevity

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