Life Line Screening – What You Need To Know To Prepare For Your Screening

Preparing for your Life Line Screening doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. At times, healthcare procedures can become stressful and overwhelming. However, the medical professionals at Life Line Screening are fully trained to help you prepare for your procedure so you never have to wonder what to expect nor be left in the dark when it comes to the procedure. The staff at Life Line Screening will ensure that your health concerns are assessed properly and advise the proper screening for your needs. Some screenings you may not qualify for and the professionals at Life Line Screening will make sure that you are placed with the right screening.

The great news about Life Line Screening is that most of their screenings are completely painless. The ultrasounds and EKG screenings are non-invasive and easy to perform. The finger-stick method is a small prick to the finger to obtain a full panel of results. At this point, you may be wondering what to expect with your ultrasound or EKG. Depending on which procedure you’re having will determine what you need to do to prepare. If you’re getting screened because you’re at risk for a stroke, you will want to make sure you wear loose clothing. They prefer that it’s two pieces with a button down top. They advise that you don’t bring your cell phone into the examination room or your watch. They don’t want you to wear any lotions or oils so they can ensure you get a proper connection with the modules. If you’re scheduled for aneurysm screenings or any type of diabetic glucose screenings, you will want to make sure you fast. Like before, depending upon the procedure will determine how long you have to fast for. Some are short periods of fasting while others may require more extensive periods of fasting to ensure accurate results and read full article.

The medical professionals attend rigorous training for the procedures and have many facilities located throughout the United States. In addition to their extensive options and training, they travel to different entities to perform their services as well. They are a highly valuable company with a very positive reputation and follow his Twitter.

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Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne Collaborates with Mandt VR to Launch a New Mobile Application

PodcastOne has always been on the verge of improving the way subscribers listen to its shows. The network, which was founded by Norman Pattiz, recently rolled out a new mobile application that relays 360 degrees video recordings of live shows. Besides the 360 degrees video feature, the new app comes with several social functions. It can also be acquired from the Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, and PodcastOne’s website.




As far as the app’s design is concerned, the developers were focused on creating a software product that can run on smartphones. They also included a feature that allows PodcastOne’s listeners to hear and watch a number of shows. The new application provides exclusive access to fascinating photos and articles that are not available on the worldwide web. As a listener, the application can let you participate in surveys and communicate with other listeners through messaging.


Subscribers of PodcastOne’s shows can accumulate reward points and redeem them to procure more exciting services. The reward system also allows subscribers to redeem the points and get discounts on exclusive material and other exciting products.


Partnership with Mandt VR


Virtual reality is among the rapidly developing technologies these days. In a move to introduce virtual reality to its new app, PodcastOne signed a partnership deal with Mandt VR. The partnership allows the podcast network’s clients to watch videos in a more immersive manner. Furthermore, the clients can view the videos once a podcast goes live.


Executive comments


PodcastOne’s chair and founder, Norman Pattiz, and Mandt VR’s founder, Neil Mandt, both expressed their views regarding the application. Neil Mandt was honored that his company was selected to provide VR features to the mobile application. He also praised Pattiz for focusing PodcastOne’s vision on pursuing innovative technologies. Norman Pattiz, on the other hand, said that the software product is a highly-important achievement to PodcastOne.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is one of the highly-respected and celebrated figures in the broadcasting world on a worldwide basis. He earned this recognition after creating Westwood One and PodcastOne. He launched Westwood One with a goal of penetrating the radio industry by supplying entertainment, news, sports, and talk shows. Consequently, he launched PodcastOne targeting listeners of online podcasts. Learn more:


Besides excelling in entrepreneurship, Norman Pattiz was also successful amidst his tenure as a board member of the federal BBG ( When he is not attending to his official responsibilities, Pattiz enjoys spending his free time in the presence of his wife. He resides in a leafy suburb in Southern California.


Mexican Energy Market Opened by Talos Energy, Others

In Houston, Texas, there’s an oil and gas company that is making history. Talos Energy is a private company that focuses on exploring and producing oil off the coast of the U.S. and now Mexico. The company was founded with $600 million in investor funding, and produces 16,000 barrels of oil a day. It has grown rapidly from 15 to 120 employees and learn more about Talos Energy.

The employee atmosphere is second to none, which management accounts for their rapid growth. Instead of simply salaries, the staff is paid on equity percentages as well. This means even the receptionists and geologists get a part of the profits. And when the revenues are averaging between 400 and $600 million per year and counting, you know there is good money to be had. In addition to the financial benefits of working with the company, the employees enjoy daycare on-site and other work-hard play-hard perks like happy hour on Friday and more information click here.

The company is breaking new ground in another way too, with its part in a venture taking place off the coast of Mexico’s Tabasco state. In the Sureste Basin, the first privatized oil rig has been sunk and drilling has begun in over 80 years. In 1938, Mexico nationalized its oil and gas industry to protect the profits for Mexicans. However, Pemex suffered from a poor oil and gas economy recently, and the country has decided to open the oil drilling back up to private and foreign companies.

The three companies that won the right, thanks to a bid in 2015, to participate in the project are Talos Energy, Premier Oil, and Sierra Oil and Gas. Talos, of course, is out of Houston. Premier is from London and Sierra is a Mexican company. Talos will be the primary operator, receiving 35% of profits, Premier will get 25%, and Sierra will claim 40% and Talos Energy’s lacrosse camp.

The new well is predicted to be a wild success thanks to its geology and location, according to industry experts. It could hold as much as 500 million barrels of oil. All of these factors make it exciting for anyone in the energy industry to pay attention to and its Facebook.

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George Soros: A Great Liberal Financier

His name is George Soros and he is a Hungarian born liberal financier. Soros had amassed a fortune and he uses it to influence politics, societies and the world’s economy. He is one of the top richest people in the world and his wealth allows him to persuade governments and societies. Soros wants the world to remain a fair and balanced place.

Soros is a legendary financier because he has given so much to liberal and democratic causes throughout the course of his life. However, during the last 15 years of his existence (he is now in his late 80s), Soros has focused more of his energy and efforts into politics and his Website.

He is not a politician but a person who understands the important of politics. Soros is leery of traditional governments because they have a tendency to make things hard on people who are not in the majority. Traditional leadership also tends to favor rich people who share the same values and ideologies as a particular governing system and learn more about George.

Traditional leadership that holds power can make various laws that impact minorities, immigrants and women. This power structure can create laws which could impact the immigration system and to promote hate speech that could cause people to turn against a racial group. They can even make laws that favor the status quo in terms of economic and social position and George’s lacrosse camp.

When a traditional form of government rules for too long they can become unbalanced in their approach with governing. This is why nations with only one (or no) political party are dangerous. They are too unbalanced. Also, when political parities are in power for too long they tend to be lopsided in their approach with how things should be run. While ruling people is not an easy task, no one form of government should always be the norm within a society and more information click here.

The democrats and the republicans are the two primary political parities within America. Some people honestly believe they are the only two. However, America has other types of political parities and they include the Vermont Progressive Party, The Libertarian Party, Working Families Party, the Independence Party of New York and the Independents. There are a whole slew of minor political parties as well.

Even though the US has a lot of different parties, the republicans and democrats are dominant groups. Soros chooses to align himself with the Democratic cause because they closely reflect his own ideology in the world. Also, the democratic party has the connections and is well known among the people. As a matter of fact, most people are not even aware that other political parties outside of the primary two exist at all. George Soros is a great supporter of the Democratic Party because he knows that they can truly a make difference in the world and

If Philanthropy and Money Were The Same

Counting Wealth From The Perspective Of Giving

What if you couldn’t measure a person’s wealth and by the quantity of money they have? What if you could only describe someone’s wealth and based on their value in giving? and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

If this were the case, you’d fine many rich individuals who simply can’t be counted as among the rich. But then, you have substantial figures like George Soros whose name stands among the world’s most influential philanthropists. Yet the philanthropic world is not an easy world to survive in.

What might surprise you is that there are many philanthropists whose motives are not in actually giving. As it happens, being known as a philanthropist can award a public figure great publicity should they seek it. Which makes deciphering through the real and fake rich individuals a task in understanding the true value of the contribution a person makes and what George Soros knows.


How George Made His Wealth At First

How George Soros earned his great clump of money must first be put into perspective. The reason being is that George had a larger strategy when he took on the financial world and as a profession. His strategy was to base his world impact on how his personal success was measured. For Mr. Soros, this was the best move to make.

Becoming wealthy first enabled George to dictate what type of change he desired. There’s one thing to have passion for improving society and another thing to actually improve society. Doing the latter requires support in financial terms, so the best influencers in society are not just those who give. It’s those who give tremendously and more information click here.


The History and Legacy Built

What we’ve just outlined regarding George Soros is the foundation of his legacy.

He will leave this world and be remembered for the contribution he’s made within it. The legacy that George Soros will have is a direct result of the work he does today. It started with the lowly place of a little boy, grew to the educational facilities of London School of Economics and then on to history.

History is where we place the name of George Soros and because of the legacy he built.

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Eric Lefkofsky Co-Founds Tempus To Make A Positive Difference in the Lives of Cancer Patients

Anyone who has ever fought cancer understands the importance of making advances in treating the disease. When Eric Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus precision medicine enabled through data started to become a reality. Modern technology was left behind until the day his wife received a diagnosis of breast cancer. This was his first experience with cancer and he was shocked by the absence of digital technology and the collection of data. He knew he had to find a way to streamline and correlate the data so it could be used effectively. This led him to Tempus with his goal to change the way cancer care is administered.

Tempus developed a platform so a cancer patient’s data could be analyzed. Once the software was developed there was an issue with the medical and clinical data required. There was no organization to the data and a lot of it consisted of notes made by doctors. Eric Lefkofsky did not give up but developed software able to recognize the characters in the written notes and began the process of transforming them into data. This data has the capability of advancing the care and treatment of cancer and learn more about Eric.

Eric Lefkofsky began his life in Southfield, Michigan in September of 1969. Although he has not yet reached fifty his accomplishments exceed what is reached by most individuals who have already led a long life. He graduated from college with high honors in 1991 and earned his Juris Doctor degree two years later. Despite the roots he has in Michigan most of his time has been spent in Chicago and this is where the headquarters of Tempus is located. He is pursuing advances in cancer therapy partially because of his experiences and partially due to the love he holds for his wife and more information click here.

Eric Lefkofsky is active within the Chicago community and devotes his time helping many of the institutes and hospitals because he believes in their individual causes. During his career, he has excelled in teaching positions and served as an adjunct professor. His work in the field of cancer has the ability to improve the lives of countless patients and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

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Does Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Believe In His Own Story?

There is no more compelling story in modern capitalism than that of the self-made man. People are naturally captivated by the rags-to-riches story of an everyman who becomes one of the ruling elite. This is especially deeply ingrained in the American mythos, where it is deemed a God-given truth that all Americans have an equal chance to rise to the top, doing whatever they set their mind to. But the so-called American Dream is just as relevant in developing countries, where the dream to rise above the station of one’s birth may be even more vivid and inspiring.

In the case of Brazil, one man personifies the Horatio Alger story better than perhaps anyone else. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born into a lower middle-class household in the then small town of Marilia, located in Central Sao Paolo. When he was 18, he got his first job as a bank teller at what was, at that time, a small local bank with only a couple of branches. Both bank teller and the company he worked at, Bradesco, would rise in tandem, eventually becoming the top employee at the largest banking concern in the country.

Trabuco Cappi completed his first year as a bank teller, being quickly noticed by his boss as an eager and talented employee who took to learning quickly. That was 1959. Over the next three decades, Trabuco Cappi would rise through the ranks, first becoming bank manager, then district manager and finally onto regional manager of what had, by that time, become a major regional player in the financial industry, with hundreds of branches across the state of Sao Paolo and beyond.

By 1992, Trabuco Cappi’s skill at administrating large departments and successfully leading teams was getting noticed at the highest levels of the corporation. That year, he was given his first true executive role. According to, he was appointed president of the company’s financial planning division and given a broad mandate to increase revenues, taking whatever steps he thought necessary to achieve that end. He was essentially given full autonomy over the department.

The executive suite’s trust in Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi proved to be extremely well placed. Over the next ten years, he grew the unit into one of Grupo Bradesco’s most high-earning divisions. By 2003, the financial planning arm, which had previously only accounted for a few percent of the firm’s total revenues, was making more than 25 percent of Bradesco’s total profits. This was a huge success and directly led to Trabuco Cappi’s promotion to president of Bradesco Seguros, the company’s insurance underwriting unit.

While heading that division, Trabuco Cappi once again worked his magic. By now, the 62 year old’s ability to successfully manage complex business lines was beyond questioning. At the helm of Bradesco Seguros, he proved, once again, to be an extremely capable leader. By the time he left the unit, in 2009, he had grown it into a major profit center, accounting for more than 30 percent of the group’s total earnings. Then, in that same year, Mario Cypriano, CEO of Grupo Bradesco, announced his departure.

There was no real viable competitor to Trabuco Cappi for the sought-after spot. His decades-long track record of fomenting incredible growth and turning to gold whatever he touched cemented his chances of being promoted to the group’s top spot. In 2009, it was announced that Trabuco Cappi would acced to the high thrown of the Bradesco group. But his reign at the top would prove to be the biggest challenge of his career.

Trabuco Cappi inherited a corporation that existed in a totally different macroeconomic reality than the one in which his predecessors had operated. The Brazilian economy was in bad shape, still reeling from the global financial crisis. Over the next six years, Trabuco Cappi struggled amid stagnant performance.

But in 2015, he completed the acquisition of HSBC Brazil for $5.2 billion, putting Bradesco back on top. Whether or not he can cement Bradesco’s supremacy, only time will tell.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Data-Enabled Precision Medicine for Cancer Treatments

Cancer is a devastating disease that attacks more than 40% of adults in the United States. National Cancer Institute reports that 14.5 million U.S. citizens had cancer by 2014. This figure was expected to rise to 19 million come 2024. Fortunately, this might not be the case due to the evolution of companies like Tempus.

The healthcare industry has embraced modern technology to help in the management of cancer treatment data. One of the technologies in use is the Electronic Health Records. These systems collect large amounts of data about patients as well as their treatments.

After Eric Lefkofsky’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, he discovered that the EHR system was not effective. This is because the data recorded is not channeled into practical use in cancer treatment. He, therefore, co-founded Tempus to address the shortcomings of medical technologies like EHR.

Tempus’ primary goal is to revolutionize how care is provided to the cancer patients. It avails technology that analyzes a patient’s clinical and molecular data efficiently. Tempus software collects data through natural language processing and optical character recognition techniques. Physicians are also able to insert their progress notes into free text fields for quick reference and learn more about Eric.

Tempus seeks to enable doctors to come up with treatments that are targeted to particular genomes of patients. Thus they can determine those that work and those that don’t. The data is updated regularly allowing doctors to make real-time decisions during cancer treatment and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Eric Lefkofsky has ventured in numerous fields before co-founding Tempus. He is a founding partner at Lightbank, a venture capital pioneering in disruptive technologies. Eric is also the chairman and co-founder of Groupon- an intentional online marketplace, as well as the co-founder of Uptake Technologies and contact this company.

Besides his lengthy entrepreneurial career, Eric has taken part in charitable works. Together with his family, they established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. This organization drives high-impact programs that are geared towards bettering the lives of the communities they serve and read full article.

Walmart Beneful Dry Dog Food

Walmart stores carry a wide variety of Beneful dog food. The Walmart price match offer provides peace of mind that you are buying your dogs favorite dog food at the best price available. In addition to price match and roll backs, Walmart accepts manufacturers coupons. Walmart features the 15.5 pound bag of chicken flavored dry healthy weight kibble at a cost effective $13.98. Beneful Originals 15.5 pound bag of beef flavored dry dog food also retails for $13.98 at Walmart. For those who need larger sized bags for large breed or multi dog homes, Walmart offers the 40 pound sized bags of Beneful Originals for $33.98 and the 31.1 pound bag of originals for $25.49. Whatever type of Beneful your dog enjoys, you will easily be able to find the appropriate size and best price at Walmart and learn more about Beneful.

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Career history

Husain Sajwani; a tenacious businessman and the Damac owner, excelled in Dubai’s fluid real estate market. Hussain began his entrepreneurship career in the food and catering business in 1980. His primary source of value for his business was the demand for food created by employees working in Abu Dhabi. His business breakthrough, however, came in the form of a blessing in disguise- the gulf war. American soldiers participating in the war proved to be vital customers to Sajwani’s catering business.


After a few years in the catering business, Sajwani’s hunger for success would catapult him into the real estate business. In his first years as a real estate businessman, he focused on developing common hotels. This idea fruitfully blossomed into the great DAMAC group that we all know today. It is believed that Hussain Sajwani’s real estate business grew exponentially due to his ability to take advantage of a six real boom in the real estate sector in the country at that time.


Husain Sajwani and Donald Trump

After Sajwani spectacularly transformed himself from a low-level caterer to a real estate mogul, he switched his attention to networking. Being the smart entrepreneur he was, he understood the value of networking in business. It is through his networking efforts that he met the current president of the united states, Donald Trump. Trump collaborated with Sajwani in building a golf club that later came to be known as the Trump International Golf Club. The Trump International golf club houses villas whose accrued revenue is currently more than 2 billion dollars.


About DAMAC Group

DAMAC group;initially owned by Hussain Sajwani family currently deals with the development of properties in Dubai. In 2013, the company developed a residential property popularly known as Akoya Oxygen. The venture was a success since it led to the construction of over 51000 units. Also, the company has spectacularly, built over 16,800 homes. It also boasts a rich portfolio of 44000 units of these homes, all at different stages of completion. It is this immense success in the real estate sector that has seen DAMAC develop an array of subsidiaries in various regions.


Philanthropic activities

DAMAC group prides itself on its participation in humanitarian activities. For instance, the group’s chair donated over 2 million dollars to facilitate a campaign to dress over a million kids.