Aloha Construction

Finding the right construction service for you can be a challenge. You want to locate a company that will provide high quality work but also offer reasonable costs. Not many companies offer both but one that does is Aloha Construction. This company is one of the most highly rated companies in the midwest. They perform some of the best work that you can find in a construction company. While they are located in Illinois they also provide services for those living in Southern Wisconsin. They complete tasks that would be hard to do alone. Workers are trained and very experienced to complete the jobs that this company specializes in. The first specialty job that Aloha Construction offers is roofing. Roofing is a job that many find to be quite tedious and tiring. The concept itself is not challenging however working on your steep roof for hours on end can be. Workers at this company will take their time when doing this job. They perform a nine step inspection process prior to beginning the roof. Siding is the next service that Aloha Construction offers. Siding is similar to roofing because it is very monotonous and takes a lot of time to accomplish. Let workers at Aloha Construction do your next siding job. A siding job from this company will leave your house looking stylish while also ensuring that it is protected from the weather. Gutters are the next specialty area of workers. Gutters are very important for a building or home. They serve as a guide to run excess water off and away from your roof. Without proper installation your home may be at risk of problems such as mold or leaks. Aloha Construction workers will ensure that your gutters are properly aligned and installed. They will make sure that water will be properly expelled from your home. The last service that this company specializes in is door/window jobs. Doors and windows are tricky to work with due to their heavy weight. They must be perfectly aligned and sealed to do their job. Contact Aloha Construction today for amazing services, and

Aloha Construction Company

Aloha Construction is a company that has grown tremendously over the recent years. The family owned company provides services for those living throughout Illinois and southern Wisconsin. They not only provide high quality work, but they also help people in many other ways. Dave Farbaky, the CEO of the company, created his own foundation. His program aims to help others through charitable services and projects. Dave and his company have gone above the norm to find ways to help others. They go out of their way to obtain the satisfaction of their companies. The work that this company provides falls specifically into a handful of categories. Among those are: roofing, siding, gutter work, and door/window replacement. To start, Aloha Construction provides high quality roofing work. Workers perform a rigerous nine step process to evaluate and assess roofs. Afterwards, they decide what style and material will be best for a specific roof. Aloha Construction also performs quality siding jobs. The process of siding can be very monotonous to do alone. Workers with this company are very experienced and trained in the field. They perform siding jobs in a very timely fashion. This aspect of your home is very important not only for protection but also for adding personality. The next field of specialty for workers at Aloha Construction is gutter work. Gutters are important because they have to run water away from your home. Without proper gutter work, water can build up and cause damage to your home. Workers within this company make sure that water will be propelled far away from your home to prevent damage. The final specialty job of this company is window and door service. This company is there to help you on your next job. Whether you need old doors/windows taken out or new ones put in, Aloha Construction can help you. This company has obviously done a lot to help those in the area. Not only are they providing quality services, but they also helping people in a way that most construction companies wouldn’t. Aloha Construction prides themselves on making lives easier, and more information click here.

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Glen Wakeman (Not just a businessman)

Efforts have been made by several organizations including Red Cross, to assist those in need. Red Cross organization provides volunteers, medical equipment, food and other necessities to victims of natural disasters. The organization relies heavily on donations from various organizations and the community Glen Wakeman entrepreneurs and CEO calls upon his clients and other business associates to donate. Glen Wakeman is a huge advocate for charitable donations, he donated one thousand dollars to Red Cross to assist in relief efforts.

Glen Wakeman isn’t new to the business world, his career path begins over two decades ago. He is now CEO of Launchpad Holdings, a SAAS company he co-founded in 2015 his company designs software that provides online business planning services for new entrepreneurs (BlogWebPedia). With a BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton in 1981, in 1993 he received a MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. Glen also blogs about the global market as well as other financial crisis and news in the world. While he is big on business he also believes in giving back to the community and often encourages his clients to give back to the community. According to Affiliate Dork, Gleman believes giving back to the community is a way to stay connected and involved.

Adam Milstein is a hard worker and values family above anything

Successful entrepreneur and active philanthropist Adam Milstein has a passion for real estate. He is a managing partner at Hager Pacific Properties in which he founded. It came at a time when he had graduated from the University of Southern California with an MBA and was offered jobs that paid lower than an undergraduate. He felt that they did not appreciate any of his knowledge or experience, so he did his own thing. Adam Milstein decided to start working as a real estate commercial broker. He loved it and was very successful at it. After a fulfilling three years of being a broker, he decided to start investing in real estate himself. That was how Hager Pacific Properties was born. There are so many things that keep this successful businessman productive. Following up with every contact, being consistent in your work and also being persistent is what Mr. Milstein considers the key to success. He doesn’t let anything fall through the cracks and pushes to make his dreams reality. The thriving entrepreneur recommends that if you want to be successful you have to be a problem solver, not relay on other people for it. You have to be active by understanding the problem and figure out the issue so you can come up with a solution. On a lighter note the best $100 he spent recently was on dinner with his wife and kids. Above all, he cherished his family the most, and Adam’s Website.

Adam Milstein is changing things for the better, one philanthropist task at a time. Not only is he a philanthropist, but he is a real estate investor, businessman, entrepreneur, and community leader. Adam is at his best when he is giving back, and learn more about Adam Milstein.

A little history on Adam Milstein is fitting. He is a native of Israel, and fought in the Yom Kippur War via the Israel Defence Forces. Adam received his Bachelor’s degree at Technion in Business and Economics in 1978. He then moved with his wife Gila to the United States where he continued his education at the University of Southern California. There he received his Master of Business Administration degree, and

Upgrade Personal Cyber Security with Rubica App

Following Microsft’s recent ransomware attacks (Petya and WannaCry), a lot of individuals find fault with the renowned telecommunication company; claims its Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith vehemently denies. According to Microsoft, the solution lies in all stakeholders taking a participative role in dealing with the attacks. He urges individuals to stop using the popular Windows XP as it is greatly vulnerable to malware attacks and switch to the new Windows 10 and requests the government to report all vulnerabilities in their software. The move requires firms and individuals to upgrade their specialized internal software for their PCs to run efficiently. But a recently discovered remedy like the use of Rubica personal cyber security app may be more promising. Lets prevent you from saying “I was hacked” once and for all.

About Rubica

A few days ago my computer was hacked, and I lost most of the company’s crucial trading information. I realized that my recently upgraded security software and complicated password were pretty weak until I discovered Rubica’s personal cyber security app. Rubica’s roots can be traced from Concentric Advisors, a consultancy that offers digital security for some of the world’s renown individuals. In fact, it is the growing demand for personal digital protection that spawned the need for Concentric to spun out its cyber division now known as Rubica. The company invests in the best cyber security experts from organizations like the US Navy, Scotland Yard, and NSA and is funded by recognized technology investors like Slow Ventures, Expa Labs, LererHippeau, and Upfront Ventures.

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Active or Passive Index Funds? An Expert Weighs Opinion

The longstanding debate on the suitability of either the active or passive index funds as an investment option has elicited mixed reactions from various investors and experts alike. On one side of the debate is a group of experts and investors such as Warren Buffet who are of the school of thought that passive index funds offer stable and better returns on investment compared to active index funds. On the other side of the debate is a school of thought that views active hedge funds as the better investment option. Then there is Timothy Armour: the current chief executive officer at Capital Group. He believes that these investment options have inherent advantages and disadvantages. He challenges the common notion that passive index funds are safer. He notes that they are marked by 100 percent volatility risk in case of economic downturn. The returns are also low.

On the other hand, he argues that investors in active hedge funds can realize big returns over a short period of time. However, they are characterized by greater risks and volatility. Therefore, Timothy Armour argues that the debate misses the key to successful investment. He holds that the best investment option is characterized by low cost investment portfolio management and investment managers who are highly invested in the investment vehicle as the client. He believes that investment portfolio managers who have invested alongside their clients is more likely to ensure that the investment brings greater returns and learn more about Timothy.

Career and Education Profile

Timothy Armour has spent the whole of his professional career working at Capital Group where he started out over three decades ago. The Los Angeles-based financial advisory specialist joined the company under The Associates Program in 1983 after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. In addition to serving as the company’s board of directors’ chairman, he also doubles up as an equity portfolio manager and more information click here.

Timothy Armour rose through the ranks of the company and was appointed to the chairmanship in 2015 following the death of the then chairman, Jim Rothenberg. At the time, he was serving as the director and chairman of Capital Research and Management Company. He still serves the Capital Group’s subsidiary in the same positions. He is also a director at the company and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

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Mike Baur- The Successful Managing Partner and Co-Founder of the Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur is a successful Swiss entrepreneur and businessman who hails from the Fribourg region. Mr. Baur is the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder at Swiss Startup Factory. He has over twenty years experience in the Swiss banking industry and has worked for major Swiss Private Banks such as Clariden Leu and UBS.


Mike Baur’s Career Background

As a teenager, Mike was always fascinated by Finance and Banking subjects. As a result, Mike Baur began his entrepreneurial journey in 2014 at the age of 39 years. Together with Oliver Walzer and Max Mister, his two partners, they founded the Swiss Startup Factory. The company is currently the leading privately financed and independent ICT Startup Accelerator in the country.


Mike Baur dedicates his time towards entrepreneurship programs among the youth, acts as a mentor, and offers financial support to various Startups in Switzerland. He also serves as the Director and Co-Founder of the Swiss Startup Association. Baur was a jury member participant at the START Summiteer, which is a pitching contest for start-ups held by the University of St Gallen. When Swiss Startup Factory entered into a partnership with CTI Invest in January 2016, Mike gained the Deputy Manager Director title.


Mike Baur is a graduate of the University of Rochester New York and the University of Berne with an MBA and Executive MBA respectively. The Wall Street Journal did a profile on Mike Baur’s career background on Swiss Banking, startup investments, and entrepreneurship journey in December 2016. Mike Baur is responsible for the financing and fundraising rounds at the Swiss Factory.


Swiss Startup Factory

Swiss Startup Factory commonly known as SSUF was founded in 2014 as an accelerator firm located in Zurich. The company aims at searching for digital entrepreneurs that are thriving in the business. These digital entrepreneurs are offered exciting opportunities through the company’s strong network ties in Switzerland and around the globe.


The company has ambitious goals to create firms on a global basis and disrupt business models and pro that are prevailing in the market today. SSUF runs a three-month accelerator program for start-ups that offers unique platforms for mentoring, coaching, financing, services, office space, and expansion of investor and entrepreneurial network.


The vision of the SSUF is to successfully run the accelerator program for startups and be the global gold standard for the rest of the upcoming accelerator programs. SSUF also aims at providing startups with the necessary services that they might require i.e., a 360° startup service.