Norman Pattiz’s PodcastOne Collaborates with Mandt VR to Launch a New Mobile Application

PodcastOne has always been on the verge of improving the way subscribers listen to its shows. The network, which was founded by Norman Pattiz, recently rolled out a new mobile application that relays 360 degrees video recordings of live shows. Besides the 360 degrees video feature, the new app comes with several social functions. It can also be acquired from the Google Play Store, Apple’s App Store, and PodcastOne’s website.




As far as the app’s design is concerned, the developers were focused on creating a software product that can run on smartphones. They also included a feature that allows PodcastOne’s listeners to hear and watch a number of shows. The new application provides exclusive access to fascinating photos and articles that are not available on the worldwide web. As a listener, the application can let you participate in surveys and communicate with other listeners through messaging.


Subscribers of PodcastOne’s shows can accumulate reward points and redeem them to procure more exciting services. The reward system also allows subscribers to redeem the points and get discounts on exclusive material and other exciting products.


Partnership with Mandt VR


Virtual reality is among the rapidly developing technologies these days. In a move to introduce virtual reality to its new app, PodcastOne signed a partnership deal with Mandt VR. The partnership allows the podcast network’s clients to watch videos in a more immersive manner. Furthermore, the clients can view the videos once a podcast goes live.


Executive comments


PodcastOne’s chair and founder, Norman Pattiz, and Mandt VR’s founder, Neil Mandt, both expressed their views regarding the application. Neil Mandt was honored that his company was selected to provide VR features to the mobile application. He also praised Pattiz for focusing PodcastOne’s vision on pursuing innovative technologies. Norman Pattiz, on the other hand, said that the software product is a highly-important achievement to PodcastOne.


About Norman Pattiz


Norman Pattiz is one of the highly-respected and celebrated figures in the broadcasting world on a worldwide basis. He earned this recognition after creating Westwood One and PodcastOne. He launched Westwood One with a goal of penetrating the radio industry by supplying entertainment, news, sports, and talk shows. Consequently, he launched PodcastOne targeting listeners of online podcasts. Learn more:


Besides excelling in entrepreneurship, Norman Pattiz was also successful amidst his tenure as a board member of the federal BBG ( When he is not attending to his official responsibilities, Pattiz enjoys spending his free time in the presence of his wife. He resides in a leafy suburb in Southern California.