Dick DeVos Wants to Keep the American Dream Alive

Dick and Betsy Devos have shown a tireless dedication to the education system through their philanthropy. Dick and Betsy have been lucky to achieve a great deal in their lifetimes and earn a great amount of wealth. They believe that it is their duty to help those that are in need. They believe that one of the best way to help is through programs that improve education systems for the less-fortunate.


Dick and Betsy Devos’ extensive philanthropic history proves their dedication to education reform. In 2015 Dick and Betsy donated $11.6 million to various charitable endeavors. $3 million of that total went to educational concerns. As Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos believes that she can fix the U.S education system that is failing so many individuals.


The DeVoses advocate for a school voucher and charter school system that will give every student a chance at quality education, no matter where they live. Critics argue that the proposed system would rob traditional public schools from needed funding. The DeVos’ contend that their proposal is not a criticism of the current system, but a way to improve it so that less children fall through the cracks. Other critics believe that their system is a way to fund charter schools that are run by for-profit organizations. They believe that their true motives are evident by the positive effects their systems will have on American youth.


Much is known about Betsy DeVos but less is known about her husband, Dick DeVos. Dick is an example of a hard working American success story. His father founded Amway, a multinational corporation, and Dick grew up working in the family business. He served as Amway’s president from 1993-2002. During his tenure Amway expanded operations to 50 countries and territories over 6 continents. Dick, and his brother Doug, are credited with setting their industry’s standard for greatness.


Dick DeVos has also been a positive political force in his community and country. He served on the Michigan State Board of Education and the Grand Valley State University Board of Control.


Dick and Betsy DeVos are two qualified individuals who have led philanthropic lives. They believe that the best way to maintain our county’s greatness, and move forward in the future is to improve the education system that is damaging our country. They were two people that were born with advantages and have improved upon their lives through hard work. They have, and continue to, use their abilities to help keep the American dream alive.