The Stars Align at the Kabbalah Centre

Elizabeth Taylor found her home in the Jewish faith. Singer and comedian Sammy Davis also found the Jewish faith a way to cope with his struggles as an African-American actor in Hollywood. Madonna has been the most vocal star concerning Kabbalah studies as noted in an article appearing on the Jerusalem Online Website, Hollywood stars like Madonna have helped attract new students to Kabbalah but the main attraction is the how The Kabbalah Centre helps people gain wisdom and new, valuable tools that are much needed in today’s seemingly confusing world.

Although Jewish Mysticism and The Kabbalah Centre have been frequently appearing in the news during the last decade, the study of Kabbalah is steeped in ancient tradition. It was once a requirement that only persons over forty years of age could receive this valuable instruction, but now classes are available to all earnest students who want to take classes at The Kabbalah Centre.

The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles opened in 1965, as a way to open up educational opportunities not only those of the Jewish faith but anyone who wants to find out the universal laws that govern our daily existence. A person does not have to renounce their religion of birth (unless they choose to) and there is no lifetime agreement involved. All it take is a willing heart and the desire to learn to become a student at The Kabbalah Centre.

The Hebrew letters also play an important role; however, one does not have to be fluent in Hebrew to learn at The Kabbalah Centre. All of the lessons that have been painstakingly taught for centuries have been broken down and presented in a way that makes it seem more like an entertaining journey; however, it is serious scholarship. Classes are offered by The Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles and in other Kabbalah Centres around the globe. There are online courses and materials that can be found on The Kabbalah Centre’s Youtube channel,