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Miki Agrawal is a modern corporate leader known for combining her entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision. Her success is mostly rooted in her desire to go against the set normal in many industries. Her approach results are two successful books and businesses that are all focused on taboo subjects in society. The Canadian innovator always enjoys any opportunity to use her disruptive approach within her life and even in the community around her.

For Agrawal’s mindset to evolve, she had to undergo a period of normalcy. For instance, she studied Business and Communication at Cornell University. She graduated from the university in 2001 and started working as an investment banking analyst with Deutsche Bank in New York. The 9/11 attacks in New York City affected Miki’s life and helped shift some of her focus. After the experience, Miki Agrawal felt the need to positively impact other people’s lives. To achieve positivity, she coupled the urge with the need to do something that would also add value to everyone in the world.


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Rather than being conventional and directly changing her career path, Agrawal decided to choose the ideal personal lifestyle. She would then look for the most compatible corporate idea. With this strategy,Miki Agrawal actualized her first business idea in 2005. She founded a pizzeria called Slice, later renamed Wild. Miki focused on serving her clients gluten-free and farm-to-table products.

The successful eatery now has two locations in New York City. Miki also established another business venture after the eatery. Her next product was also based on her base concept, which generates her desire to discover more eco-friendly and efficient ways of meeting universal needs.

Background Information

With her target in mind, she launched THINX. The company was centered on manufacturing sustainable underwear to help women with menstruation. Because of her activities and unique way of business, Miki was listed on the INC Magazine Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs of 2016.