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Time for the Headlines

Jason Hughes the CEO of a Los Angeles-based company that sells properties and he has been doing so since the 1980s. He has since taken his business and work to San Diego where he continues to sell properties and grow his business (Techtimes). 

Many of the tenants that Hughes represents are nonprofit tenants that are looking for space for their business. The company is focused on providing a deeper and more meaningful relationship with their tenants and landlords than other companies do. As Jason Hughes points out, they care about both the individual tenant and their needs, not just the money they collect from them. 

He has helped hundreds of owners. The successful businessman, CEO and entrepreneur has easily leased tens of millions of square feet of space to tenants throughout his career, and continues leasing more space to them as his career continues. Jason Hughes´s career comes after Hughes graduated from Pepperdine University with his Bachelor of Science in business administration, then he went on to study at the University of San Diego where he graduated with his MBA in finance. 

This is all in addition to taking numerous executive business courses at Harvard University, UCLA’s Anderson School of Business, and UCSD’s Rady School of Management. He has also appeared on several different TV shows and other programs throughout his career, teaching others about the success of his business and how they can emulate that success for themselves. Due to his influence, Jason Hughes appears as a commercial industry expert in television programs and business publications.