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Prior to launching MAIS, Krishen Iyer worked in government and civil affairs. While working in these various positions, Krishen taught his clients to add to their bottom line by innovating their sales processes. He was also a keynote speaker at TEDx. After being named one of San Diego’s most influential people of 2010, Krishen Iyer launched a motivational speaking company in 2012, MAIS Partners, and traveled the world, speaking at events across the United States and Europe. Krishen worked at several startups before finding a great job at Lucent Technologies. 


Here, he transitioned from an accountant to a software engineer. When Iyer’s former financial mentor, Frank Pizzo of Fundsmart, learned that Iyer had grown his company to $100 million in sales, Pizzo told him that he had just realized how successful he had become. The businessman quickly responded to Frank Pizzo that he knew how successful he had become all along. Krishen Iyer is the son of Indian immigrants, and grew up in San Diego, California, where he spent the majority of his youth. Krishen started off in education, as he worked at a preschool and a school in San Diego.


Upon his return to the United States in 1998, Krishen Iyer enrolled in graduate school to earn his Master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of Southern California. After earning his MBA from USC, Iyer returned to the San Diego area where he started his career in his family’s business. In 2001, he co-founded DCL Infosystems, a company that generated more than $100 million in revenue from 2004-2011. Krishen Iyer has recently launched a series of self-help books. These books include The Accountant’s Guide to an Amazing First Year, Employing Growth Strategy, and Influencer Network for Sales.


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