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Time for the Headlines

Women’s health has always been a controversial issue, and Planned Parenthood has always been the center of it. Expanding it so that women can get affordable care for their bodies is important. Laura McQuade, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Planned Parenthood in New York City wants to lead the way for the expansion as new rules have put the organization in a bind. Women need access to affordable care that will help them stay on top of their well being. However, with funding restrictions, that makes it harder to do. With Laura McQuade at the helm, that may change.

A new deal is about to happen that will strengthen Planned Parenthood and make it part of a network that would expand it to 28 new health care centers. This will add in an additional 900 health care workers that could see well over 200,000 patients a year. More women will feel comfortable giving the entity their business as a result of this expansion. If this happens in New York, can happen in other states as well. Having a budget of $110 million doesn’t hurt when it comes to being able to offer more healthy choices for women.

Women need affordable healthcare in order to stay healthy and manage their families. They need access to what Planned Parenthood has to offer that no other healthcare network will give them. This expansion will be the best thing to happen to women who are low income and rely on this organization for treatment and other needs. Laura McQuade is fighting hard to ensure those needs are met. It can be done, and she is doing her best to ensure she wins this fight. Once it happens in New York City, it will have an effect on the nation as a whole.

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