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Miki Agrawal was born and raised in Long Island. She did not have a traditional childhood. Her father, who was a researcher in the US government, never stayed for long, instead constantly traveling the world. Her mother, a single mom, worked three jobs to support her five children. Miki Agrawal didn’t know until she was an adult that she was poor. She was a child who never took an after-school art class, but she did spend long hours alone in her room creating comic strips in her kindergarten notebook. She graduated valedictorian from Vanderbilt University with a bachelor’s in fine art and attended New York University, where she began making the 15-foot portraits that earned her a lucrative exhibition career.

Key Takeaways from Disrupt-HER

How one woman can start her own business in ten months – and still be an amazing mother and wife at the same time The importance of positive affirmations How to turn your failures into opportunities How to redefine your identity & take the world by storm Bonus .


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How Miki Agrawal passion for social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship has led her to pursue a variety of amazing philanthropic causes: She has been a core member of the Agrawal Institute for Innovation, The WE Charity Board, the Yaddo artist in residence program, and she sits on the board of dozens of nonprofit and social enterprises.

Disruptive Innovation

Innovation is a core value for THINX, and Miki Agrawal is among the most respected disruptors in the world. You could be inspired by the interview that she gave to Steven Johnson for his fantastic book The Innovators. The title is taken from Albert Einstein’s quip about innovations, “The innovator sees the connection between what is wrong and what can be done. He is open to possibilities that no one else is. He cannot rest until he understands the connection.” It’s inspiring to hear a young person articulate the vision that every entrepreneur must have, that one day, all the things that used to cause us problems will be irrelevant.

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