Team Six Thirty

Time for the Headlines

As an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania, Peter Briger managed to learn a lot of skills and gain a lot of knowledge from the institution. This was in the Wharton School of Business of this prestigious university. His skills and knowledge would later be boosted after he was employed in one of the largest banks in the US, Goldman Sachs. This was the most significant opportunity that transformed the life of Peter Briger with the experience that he gained from the organization. At first, as a junior member of staff, Briger was granted an operational role which he performed under the management of the company’s investment manager. His role involved executing the decisions that were made by his manager, all of which he completed diligently and with a lot of passion.

His manager recommended a promotion on Peter Briger, and within the second year, he was given the responsibility of a portfolio manager which required him to make decisions that would be executed by other junior staff. This position taught Peter a lot regarding making decisions that involved investments. He discovered that it was crucial to perform due diligence before rushing into making any investment decision. After the discovery, things became very easy for Briger as the only way of making the best decisions was through research, which he loved.

Peter Served as the portfolio manager of Goldman Sachs for three years and was later invited to join the team of senior managers. This was the team that was responsible for making the critical decisions that affected the operations and management of the whole organization. His expertise here was outstanding. He later rose up the ranks and became the managing director of the company.

In 2002, Randal Nardone and his co-principal at Fortress Investment Group thought of diversifying their company’s portfolio. The best expert for the task was Peter Briger, and so he was recruited to join the organization in the same year. One interesting attribute about Briger is his love for education. He is one of the people who believe that to make any improvement in life, one has to keep learning new ideas.