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Time for the Headlines

PosiGen is a solar energy production company located in New Orleans. The company aims to help many disadvantaged people in the community have access to solar energy and suitable housing. Since many people in the city cannot afford housing with solar, the founder of PosiGen thought of coming through for them by providing easy payment they can manage. 


Through these initiatives, many people in New Orleans’ lives are improved through solar energy, all thanks to the PosiGen company. We, as a solar  power company, have ensured that our customers get to save money using solar energy. We are more interested in change in society rather than feeling our pockets. Therefore we have installed enough solar systems in different houses in the city hence bringing smiles to many families. 


Their main goal is to help communities. The support and commitment from people have made our PosiGen solar power company grow, and we are looking forward to improving more lives. If you are tired of paying electricity bills every month, then you need to consider solar energy. The company has no requirement for the clients’ credit scores. As such, any person in the community interested in upgrading their lives is welcome to purchase their products.

PosiGen solar power company can also install your house roof with solar, which is easy to monitor and use. On the other hand, homeowners can calculate the amount of electricity used by net metering found in the solar. Therefore, at PosiGen, it becomes easy to control and know how much you use, whether sunlight or not. Net metering can save extrasolar produced during hot sun hence used when the sun is low.