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Time for the Headlines

As a founding member of the New Orleans solar community, PosiGen shares a passion for empowering homeowners by providing them with energy efficiency and solar installations. Not only can they drastically reduce energy costs, but they also dramatically improve a homeowner’s life (Techbullion). 


After Katrina, the founders of PosiGen spoke of their frustration with the lack of affordable, accessible solar and energy efficiency services. Many homeowners, especially those in low-income neighborhoods, had no choice but to settle for less. According to PosiGen CEO, credit scores and low income were two of the biggest obstacles to installing these systems. The nonprofit organization has a longstanding partnership with PosiGen Solar, a solar company in New Orleans. 


Together, the two companies plan to deploy twelve solar power stations at disaster relief sites as PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart informs. As the city rebuilds, PosiGen plans to provide jobs to residents. The partnership is a win-win situation for residents of the Greater Metro area. The nonprofit has also been a key part of the city’s energy infrastructure.

The new partnership aims to reduce the damage to the communities that are displaced from Hurricane Katrina. The company could have done more pre-storm planning to reduce damage to surrounding areas. They will be installing 300 solar power batteries in homes in low-income neighborhoods. PosiGen CEO and the founders of PosiGen believe that everyone should have access to clean energy. While the project was formed in 2017, it has grown considerably since then.