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Time for the Headlines

Ryan Kavanaugh said that Dana White’s fighters earn similarly to his ushers. He boldly said that expecting Dana White to respond in defense of the UFC. Therefore, fans can now understand his feelings regarding the sport and White. Ryan Kavanaugh and Dana are competitors in the industry, and how each pays their employees portrays their value and defines the entire business.

Ryan Kavanaugh acknowledges the tremendous growth in the boxing sector; thus, he hopes to see fighters accomplish their goals and realize their potential. They should not be locked into hurting contracts because this holds back the entire industry. Ryan Kavanaugh and Dana White are prominent figures in the industry, and their feud demonstrates the detachment in the boxing business. Dana opposes Kavanaugh’s proposals, but Triller has made remarkable progress.

Francis Ngannou, a UFC Champion, claimed that UFC does not treat him justly. Francis said that he could not even renew his contract runs out because the UFC tag does not help his boxing career. Ngannou admitted he understood the business perspective, but it was awful personally. It is hard to witness someone like Francis Ngannou discussing how UFC has neglected him even after being in the business for a long time. However, Ngannou is confident of shifting to boxing before his retirement.

Ryan Kavanaugh has an interesting dynamic that advocates for the UFC-contracted boxers, and maybe it will help other boxers emulate Francis to speak about the problem. The fighters commit a lot of their mental and physical energy into their professions, and if they start addressing the concerns, Dana White will react.

Fair payment and compensation are the top issues to be addressed. If fighters talk about the encounter, the UFC industry might change. Therefore, Ryan is a respectable figure in the fighting industry. He owns TrillerNet, an umbrella of different entertainment properties.