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The property market is always lucrative if you have an eye for great investments and deals. What’s more, you will need to have an insider understanding of the market you wish to invest in. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Stephen Bittel says that he couldn’t have made it in Florida’s lucrative real estate scene if he hadn’t been aggressive, hardworking, and intense.

Bittel also claims that he has been outworking everyone since the first day he ventured into the real estate market. Of course, this is not easy. Nevertheless, the long-term pay and benefits are some of the reasons Bittel, the Founder, and Chairman of an enterprise known as Terranova Corporation, says he never minds putting in more hours than the next person.

Does everyone believe Stephen Bittel is hardworking, aggressive, and intense?

The short answer is yes. Bittel’s colleagues always remind him that he is aggressive, even when he feels he isn’t. The great thing is that these sentiments don’t affect him, his work, and his relationship with colleagues The Terranova Corporation Chairman and Founder says he’s been intense since he was a kid. Peers at work agree that Bittel can be intense and very focused on his objectives.

Another interesting thing about the serial real estate investor is that he is always prepared. In addition to giving his immediate tasks all his attention, Bittel invests in being prepared as this is the only way his efforts can be a success.

You might not know this, but Terranova Corporation was incorporated in 1980 by Bittel. The enterprise opted to operate as a commercial property designated for local partnerships. Since then the real estate enterprise has grown into one of South Florida’s reputable and most successful brands in the commercial real estate space. Also, note that the firm has the honor of serving as the exclusive agent of properties worth over $5 billion.

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